• Real Estate Foundation

Develop a solid real estate investment system.

  • Rehabbing

Increase the value of a property to increase your profit.

  • Contracts

Create the right contract for every deal.

  • Negotiations

Master face-to-face interactions.

  • Buy & Hold

Make your long-term property investment more lucrative.

  • Commercial Real Estate

Commercial lending and leases; finding & analyzing deals.

  • Financial Strategies

The right type of funding and best strategies for each real estate transaction.

  • Foreclosures

Profitable for you, while helping homeowners having financial difficulties.

  • Land Development

How to convert under-used land into a neighborhood.

  • Auctions

Find out the secrets to making Auctions work for you.

  • Creative Acquisitions

Use less typical means of acquiring investments.

  • Lease Options

Enlarge your long-term investment holdings.

Learn from successful business owners who enjoy sharing their profitable journey with you.